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We employ workers for the mango harvest at our Georgetown orchard and our Giru orchard & pack house.

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Marathon Man Go is a family business which produces Kensington Pride Mangoes and R2E2 Mangoes. We are a family business owned and operated by the Pappalardo family which consists of Sam, Josie, Alfio, Katie, Loretta and Brad.


Kensington Pride Mango Tree

We own and operate our own Mango Packhouse from where the mangoes are distributed to the domestic markets in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Our brand names are Marathon Man Go, Reef and Golden Gulf. We have completed all requirements for a Quality Assurance Certificate from Freshcare which is current and renewed each year.

The export market for our mangoes includes Singapore, Malaysia, London, France, Germany and China.

Kensington Pride Mango Trees

A copy of the Quality Assurance Certificate can be viewed here.

We have two mango orchards. One is located on Trembath Road, Giru, North Queensland, approximately 50 km south of Townsville. In Giru, there are also two different varieties, 14,000 R2E2 and 24,000 Kensington Pride fruit bearing mango trees.

The second mango orchard is located on the banks of the Gilbert River, via Georgetown. The property location is 441km west of Cairns and 301km east of Normanton in North Queensland, Australia. Click here to view the mango locations map. In Gilbert River, there are two different varieties, 22,000 R2E2 and 16,000 Kensington Pride fruit bearing mango trees.

R2E2 Mango Tree

Mango picking season usually commences in Gilbert River approximately at the middle of October and finishes the end of November. In Giru, the picking season starts slightly later at the beginning of November and ends before Christmas.

Marathon Mango Packing Shed